2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro


2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro will be the latest products from Pontiac. The 2014 Firebird Camaro will have a new design and features in 2014. But maybe it is a near similar to the current model. It will be a Coupe type car. It also has the same engine power of the current model. But Pontiac firebird Camaro is ready with a sporty design. Pontiac firebird is suitable for the love of sports cars

2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro Specification

The 2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro will use the V6 engine that is capable of producing 200 hp. Sure, it is quite standard for a sports car performance. The used transmission is 5 speed manual transmission which is also overdrive. The 2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro is naturally the redesign of the Chevrolet Camaro. Then the 2014 Pontiac firebird Camaro was built by Pontiac General Motors.The 2014 Pontiac Firebird Camaro will be available in 5 trims. It starts from coupe to Camaro. The 200 hp engine of this car is able to 31 mpg in the high way and 19 mpg in the city.